干支 十二支

In the order of the zodiac and why? Easy to understand with diagrams!


Since the zodiac is often spoken of in terms of animals that are familiar to the daily life and
customs of the Japanese, the It is familiar to the Japanese.

If you've ever been in a position of superiors, you'll know that if you share the same zodiac
sign, you'll be able toI don't know why we feel so close to younger children.
In addition, as you are exposed to seasonal events and customs at work and at school, you
naturally become more aware of the Chinese zodiac sign and feel closer to them.

Often we can remember how to read it, but can't associate the animal with it.
What was it called a cow, a tiger, a cow? This is what it looks like (laughs).

In this article, we will discuss the order of the zodiac signs and the reasons why they were
determined, as well as I will explain this briefly.

First, the basics! The order of the zodiac and how to read it

申(saru=monkey)・酉(tori=chicken)・戌(inu=dog)・亥(i=wild boar)

These 12 types.
If you try to remember the letters and sounds of the letters and sounds, you'll have to
break them up into four parts, as shown above.
It's easy to remember.

However, halfway through, the normal reading of the word becomes more and more common,
and around the last boar (i).
If you're not familiar with the Chinese zodiac, it's easy to forget about it.

uma・hitsugi・saru・tori・inu(Ordinary reading)

It might be something like this.
After writing all this, I knew that the best way to remember the zodiac sign was to learn it with an illustration.
I made the following table to make it easier to understand.

I hope this will be of some help to you.
If you want to know this year or next year's zodiac sign ☞

Stories about the twelve signs of the zodiac

The word "zodiac" has a different meaning by nature, but in Japan, the 12 animals
mentioned earlier are It is also called the "Zodiac".

This is called the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, and is more of a story about the birth
of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac than the birth of the Chinese zodiac.
The story of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac has been passed down around the world.

In addition to the local lore in Japan, if you look around the world, you'll find
Similar stories exist in Central Asia and Russia, where China, the Korean peninsula,
and Mongolia are located.

A long time ago, God said this.
On January 1, the morning of New Year's Day,
I'm going to take the twelfth that came to say hello.
We'll take turns making them leaders every year to do the job.

The animals wanted to be the best.
From the night before/early morning of the day
The animals each go to God.

At this time, the cow knew she was slow to walk,
so she had been walking since the night before.

The clever rats expected that the cows would start walking the night before, so
We will ride the cows and leave with them.

The cattle that had left the day before got to God before the other animals.
But just before arriving, a mouse jumped out and was the first to greet him,
so the first mouse, theNext came the order of cattle.

after that、虎(tiger)→兎(rabbit)→龍(dragon)→蛇(snake)→馬(horse)→
羊(sheep)→猿(monkey)→鳥(chicken)→犬(dog)→猪(wild boar)
Animals in that order
has arrived and the 12 leaders have been selected.

It varies from region to region, but generally the synopsis is as above.

Stories about the animals

In fact, the story doesn't end there, there are several episodes between each animal
there is.

The cow didn't get mad at me for being second.
I'm fine with the second one Cow thought.
The tiger heard about God's story in rumor,
so he joined in with skepticism.
I didn't want to have to take a risk if it was true.
As it turned out, it was a true story and the tiger came in third.
The rabbit will be the fourth.
This is after the rabbit not that they were any faster than the animals that followed
The rabbits kept going while the other animals took a break.
So rabbits are number four it is explained that the
The reason for the order of the dragon and the snake was
In the first place, the dragon and the snake had arrived to God together.
But the snake knew that the dragon had trained hard enough to fly.
The dragon is worthy of respect. Because of this,
the snake gave the dragon his turn.

Essentially, a dragon that can fly could be the third or fourth that can fly.

There's an old saying, "Dogs and monkeys don't get along.
It's a bird between a monkey and a dog.
The reason for this is said to be that the birds interceded.

The last boar to arrive.In fact,
the boar was supposed to be the first to arrive.
But the boar, who could only run in a straight line,
ran past the god.
As a result, he became the twelfth.

The animals that were not chosen for the twelve signs of the zodiac also have their own
stories to tell.
So up to number 12 was recognized as the twelve signs of the zodiac.
But there are also allegories of animals that arrived after that.

For more information on the meaning of each animal in the twelve signs of the Chinese
zodiac, please refer to the following articles
I would be happy to do so.


干支と聞くと、やはり思い浮かぶのは戌年・巳年などの動物たちだと思います。 しかし、なぜその動物たちが選ばれたのか、その理由や物語を知る人は多く ありません。 ここでは、十二支に選ばれた動物たちが持つ「 ...

The Story of the Animals Not Chosen

There's also an episode about the thirteenth animal to arrive.

Frog theory, weasel theory, etc.
The frog just left but itachi asks God to do this many times.
So God told the weasel that he would call the first day of every month "Tsu-Itachi".
This is a secret from the other animals.
This is said to have convinced the weasel that this was the right thing to do.

カエル イタチ

The famous cat episode.

Cats forget to attend a gathering to hear God's message.
The mouse and tells it "January 2" to the cat.
But when I went to the meeting on January 2, it was over.
From then on, it is said, "When the cat sees a mouse, it chases after it.

Some of you may have heard of this story.
In addition to the above, various other episodes have been created in line with animal life and mythology.

・The theory that the frog was swallowed by a snake
・The reason why the chicken is slower than the dragon is because the chicken lent the dragon its old horns the theory.
・The theory that the chicken pecked the centipede because it was a witness to the dragon when it lent its horns to the dragon.

In some cases, cats and pigs are treated as the twelve signs of the zodiac in history and in some countries.
It may be a regional fable.

The concept of "Zodiac" used in calendars, time and fortune telling

Why did the twelve signs of the zodiac have to be animals from 1 to 12 in the first place?
The reason for this is the phases of the moon.

Modern Japan has adopted a solar calendar based on the changing seasons, but
In the past, the lunar calendar was based on the cycle of the phases of the moon.

The basic idea is that if you repeat the phases of the moon 12 times, the seasons will return to normal consists of this ideas.

From this, the idea that【a year is 12 months = 12 total animals to model for】i was born.

f you look at the twelve signs of the zodiac in terms of animal species, the dragon is the one that is clearly uncomfortable feeling.

As for other animals, it's true that you can meet them in Japan at zoos and other places.
It doesn't seem to be a completely unrelated animal.
But dragons probably do not exist in any country.

Why do dragons, which are fictional animals today, exist?
That's because the concept of the twelve signs of the zodiac itself was originally conceived in China and introduced to Japan.

Dragons are important in China and have been applied to a wide variety of ideas.
The twelve signs of the zodiac in China are mainly used for the following purposes

・Elements like a calendar to determine the year, month and day.
・Its role as the time of day and night.
・Judging good and bad by fortune telling

In modern Japan, it has been applied to fortune telling in many schools that have adapted Chinese ideas.


茶碗蒸しの具材といえば、 ・鶏肉 ・しいたけ ・かまぼこ を始めいろいろな具材が頭に浮かぶと思いますが、 いざ茶碗蒸しを作ろうとして定番の具材がない場合、 「家にあるものでアレンジ」 してみるのもおす ...

The letters and concepts were created first and were designed to be easy for the common people to remember.

The twelve signs of the zodiac were then applied to animals that resembled the letters to make them easier to remember.

What exactly did you do?

The old concept of time and direction used in the past can be summarized in the
following diagram.

干支 時刻 方位

For example, we often say in Japan, "The three hours when the plants and trees also sleep"
and the place where the ox is located is called If you look for it, it means around 2am
in terms of time.

The word "three hours" has been added to it, so nowadays it's 2:00 a.m. - 2:30 a.m.
You can see that it points to the area around

If we talk about direction, the direction of Ushitora is probably the most famous.
Ushitora refers to the northeast and is also called the demon's gate in the Onmyoudou.
It has been warned as an abhorrent direction for all things.

In China, however, this is not always the case, and in feng shui and other fields,
it is used as a direction that indicates savings, etc. It can be revered.

The Chinese know more about the application of direction and orientation, and they
divide it even more precisely than the twelve signs of the zodiac.


干支で有名な十二支ですが、現代でも方角や時刻を示すのに用いられます。 しかし、日本で用いられている方位・方角に関する概念は、干支だけではありません。 今回は、干支・方角それぞれの関係性や、古来より使わ ...

What is the Zodiac?

At the beginning of this article, I told you that the zodiac sign originally had a
different meaning than the twelve signs of the zodiac

The actual meaning of the Chinese zodiac sign is a combination of "the ten signs of
the zodiac" and "the twelve signs of the zodiac".
The Chinese zodiac is the combination of the Chinese zodiac and the 12 signs of the
Chinese zodiac.

If you already know about the Chinese zodiac, such as the Four Pillars of Destiny,
you may find that sometimes the character of Fiery Horse (Hinoeuma) is a hard one to
You've heard people say things about a person's personality, such as, "I don't like it.

In the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, it is the Year of the ox, and there are
several types of the Year of the ox.

What are the ten signs of the zodiac?

When we compare the Ten Zodiac Signs and the Twelve Zodiac Signs, the Ten Zodiac Signs
have a more minor image.

There are many calendars, but not many people know the true meaning of the signs of
the zodiac.

There are ten types of the ten zodiacs「甲・乙・丙・丁・戊・己・庚・辛・壬・癸」
Below is a diagram showing the readings and meanings of the ten zodiacs.

the ten signs of the zodiac onyomi kunyomi meaning the ten signs of the zodiac onyomi kunyomi meaning
kou Kinoe 木の兄 ki tsuchinoto 土の弟
otsu kimono 木の弟 kou canoe 金の兄
hei hinge 火の兄 shin tsuchinoe 金の弟
ten hint 火の弟 zin Mizune 水の兄
bo tsuchinoe 土の兄 ki Mizumoto 水の弟

The ten zodiacs use the kunshio method of reading.

The Chinese characters for the ten zodiacs and their meanings mean the
growth of plants.
Then the symbolism of "wood, fire, earth, metal, and water" is added to the
Five Elements philosophy.

The meanings of each kanji and the passage of time are as follows.

甲(木の兄):hard seed

乙(木の弟):Sprouts in the Soil

丙(火の兄):begin to sprout

丁(火の弟):Growth of buds

戊(土の兄):grow industriously

己(土の弟):fully grown

庚(金の兄):stop growing

辛(金の弟):begin to wither

壬(水の兄):begin to go to seed

癸(水の弟):prepare to become a seed

It is used in combination with the above, analogous to the growth and order
of plants.

The one with a stronger meaning is called elder brother and the one with a softer
meaning is called younger brother.

In addition, the symbolism of wood, fire, earth, metal and water is mainly as follows.

tree(木):Leaves, Trunk and Flowers
fire(火):Fire and sun
soil(土):Where plants grow and germinate
gold(金):Minerals in and around the soil
water(水):The Fountain of life

To us today, the expression brother and brother is used in the context of a brother.
So it may seem somewhat uncomfortable.
This idea actually comes through from the Yin and Yang philosophy.

The concept of the zodiac sign is made up of the Yin and Yang philosophy as well
as the Five Elements philosophy.
Simply put, the nature of nature is that harmony is maintained by conflicting factors.
The idea is that it is vital to keep that balance intact.

It's like yin and yang, male and female, heaven and earth, good luck and bad luck.
We believe that a balance can be maintained.
You can read more about Yin and Yang and the Dao of Yin and Yang here.

生クリームが成功する砂糖の量 泡立てるタイミングがありました!

お菓子作りをよくするという人であれば、生クリームを泡立てる機会も多いと 思いますが、その際に砂糖を加えている人が多いでしょう。 そんな生クリームに入れる砂糖に関して 「どのくらいの量が適量?」 「どの ...

By the way, when it came to older and younger brothers , the kanji for older brother
was called "e".
It was a word that meant an older person, regardless of gender.

On the contrary, the Chinese character for "younger brother" is called "to",
which is also a younger person, regardless of gender was used to mean

The above has its roots in the reading of "eto" for older and younger brothers as "zodiac".
※To be exact, the correct reading of "zodiac" is "kansi.

There are 60 combinations

There are 60 combinations of the 10 signs of the zodiac and the 12 signs of the zodiac

Here, "Aren't there 120 ways? You are wise to ask yourself the question.
If you do the simple math, there should be 120 different combinations.

However, since this one is not a gross common denominator as a concept, the least common multiple of 10 and 12 There are 60 ways to get it right, which is

●the 10 signs of the zodiac :甲、乙、丙、丁、戊、己、庚、辛、壬、癸
●the 12 signs of the zodia:子、丑、寅、卯、辰、巳、午、未、申、酉、戌、亥

As mentioned above, the zodiac comes full circle with the thigand and the twelve signs
of the zodiac come full circle with the boar.
Therefore, the eleventh is the Kou Dog and the twelfth is the Boar.

The timing shifts will be the 11th and 12th in the first round of combinations,
so the second through sixth rounds The following is a summary of the process that follows until









Thus, the 61st (first) is the order of the "甲子".
The process is that one cycle is completed.

It is said that 60 years old is celebrated as a return to the 60th birthday.
It's the cycle of the zodiac it is said to be a remnant of coming full circle and returning
to the year of birth.

I have told you about the order of the zodiac signs and why they are in this order.

The twelve signs of the zodiac were first mentioned in letters and concepts,
and later compared to animals, and therefore
It is undeniable that the animals that are relatively inconspicuous in Japan are
chosen for the festival.

Cats, in particular, were not chosen because they were not able to participate in the
twelve signs of the zodiac, even though they were originally supposed to do so.

Even if they are not chosen, they are still depicted in the story.
Therefore, the presence of cats in Japan is remarkable.
Maybe in 1,000 years, the cat will be the first in the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac.

-干支 十二支